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#237 // FLY TEAM

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Published on 29 Nov 2020 / In News and Politics

What happens when the Law, Justice, Medicine, Tech, Government, Constabulary & Press conspire with a [F]oreign enemy to overthrow the country? And their comms network becomes compromised just as they launch their Neo-Reichstag?

Tonight’s show opens with an essay on Fly Team - where the Radical Leftist Chinese digitally implanted a fly that “Landed” on Vice President Pence’s head. Going frame by frame - we illustrate how the fly was digitally implanted - appearing from nowhere - and how it also disappeared with similar evasive invention. It should be no surprise whatsoever that YT censored this clip - claiming “Copyright Infringement” - with only 6 seconds of Fleetwood Mac Audio.

The entire episode is presented absent treasonous censorship for your viewing pleasure on UGETube. In our Leadership segment, POTUS details the comeback of the US Military - protecting US Service-Personnel’s back in the coming election; Secretary Pompeo’s updated China Policy - and Rudy’s covering the Rigged Polls - and what to watch out for (Stolen Votes, Rigged Machines & Compromised Elections, Legislative and Judicial Officials who will all side with hair-sniffing Joe.

The United Spot: Prove It!
Ronald Reagan’s The Myth of the Great Society
Trump Tells Biden “Prove It” – Biden claims 80 million votes, but only receives 1,000 viewers
Obama Supports Signature Verification To Prevent Election Fraud
Google’s Eric Schmidt Interview with Dr. Kissinger
Call To Stand Tall

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