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22Mar23 Will Firewood Be the Next Currency?  ECB President Pranked.  And, AI Religious Cult Forms

David Knight
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Published on 22 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

WATCH: Christine Lagarde, head of European Central Bank, thinks she's talking to Zelensky but is talking to Russian pranksters. She brags about cashless society. "The problem is they don't want to be controlled" 4:11

A clue from EU as to WHEN they will engineer a financial crisis and roll out CBDC for the problem they created — and USA will likely be on a similar timeframe 19:03

Conservative alt-media is no different than mainstream media in focusing on DeSantis/Trump spat and ignoring the half hour he spent talking about CBDC problem & solution to block. Here's the list of "journalists" who care about nothing but horse race politics and professional wrestling spats 32:53

Florida paper makes absurd statements dismissing CBDC concerns 42:07

How frenemies Iran & Saudi Arabia are coming together to end USA petrodollar & create new world order 52:15

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has been caught selling people’s personal data without their consent — and it's legal 1:07:39

A farmer illustrates a 15 Minute City 1:10:17

Silicon Valley and government are obsessed with AI and the money is pouring in, in astronomical amounts 1:14:26

A new AI religious cult is forming, Theta Noir. It begs the question "what does it mean to be in the image of God?" 1:20:01

Biden’s proposed budget would throw billions of dollars at the ATF just as he had put the IRS on financial steroids 1:32:37

TSA announces biometric technology will be mandatory soon to fly 1:42:25

Rupert Murdoch’s engagement to Leslie Smith is for the second half of their lives he's 92 and she's 66. 1:48:38

How the government lost 15 Million Acres 1:51:33

Donald Trump WANTS to do a perp-walk and be filmed in handcuffs say aides. Perfectly believable. 2:12:10

WATCH: Relentless, Suicidal March to War Called Out. MEP Clare Daly is rightfully outraged about the coldblooded slaughter of Ukrainians as EU/NATO care not about peace but only which weapons to send next. And, a preview of what war will look like AFTER World War 3. 2:25:56

The US and its allies have discouraged peace talks at the very beginning. 2:30:29

Depleted uranium: Russia says it will be treated as if a dirty nuclear bomb had been used. Here's what we know about its effectiveness and its health effects 2:34:50

A preview of war after World War 3. India and China fighting each other at the border with sticks and stones (but US is providing satellite intel, of course) 2:41:02

Fauci’s new “pangolin”? The "raccoon dog" as the originator of the pandemic. A campaign of fear and misdirection 2:46:17

LifeSite news review of this year's Oscar winner gets them a strike from YouTube 2:50:20

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