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22 ways to save money in 2022

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Published on 25 Jun 2022 / In News and Politics

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How to save more money in 2022. After a little break, I thought I'd start off this year with something that many people still seem to struggle with: saving money.

Everything from becoming passionate about money, frugal living hacks, to paying off debts, and putting your money in better places that'll actually earn you interest, in this video I'm covering a exactly twenty-two methods on how you can save more money this year, that hopefully you'll put towards an investment, or something wise like a deposit on a home.

And let's face it, some of us are still on holidays. So I've made today's video very bite-sized and digestible. Please let me know if you have any of your own tips below!

Enjoy, and happy 2022!

0:00 - A good beginning to 2022
0:31 - Use an ad blocker
1:01 - Say goodbye to Netflix
1:38 - Eat more at home
2:03 - Learn to meal prep
2:37 - Delete Instagram and Tiktok
3:18 - Learn for free
4:02 - Automate your savings
4:40 - Embrace minimalism
5:31 - Record and track your expenses
6:12 - Get your money out of banks
6:49 - Cancel subscriptions
7:20 - Change your energy supplier
7:58 - Prioritise paying off debt
8:44 - Renegotiate your insurance
9:08 - Renegotiate your salary
9:56 - Pack a work lunch
10:24 - Use your company for expenses
11:17 - Make coffee or tea at home
11:51 - Cancel your gym membership
12:15 - Get your fashion at thrift stores
12:51 - Reevaluate your social activities
13:36 - Become passionate about money
14:18 - Outro

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