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212 Seek Ye The Kingdom of God (Luke 12:22-31) 1 of 2

Gregory Miller
Gregory Miller - 133 Views
Published on 11 Aug 2021 / In Non-profits and Activism

CURRENT EVENTS UPDATE: We review three headlines: (1) Persecution of Christians as a local farmers market bans a Christian family farm because of their religious views on Satanic Sodomite marriage, (2) The Satanic Marxist Democrat Party in the House of Representatives voted to spend American tax money to kill unborn children around the world, and (3) Converse inverts their star emblem into a pentagram as the culture continues to prepare for their false messiah, the Antichrist Beast of Revelation 13.

In our study, we see that having a Biblically balanced approach toward our thought life and having the Kingdom of God as a priority, we can have the peace of God that comes with our Kingdom inheritance. But none of this is possible unless the lost sinner is born again by repentance and faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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