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20Mar23 With Captions Censors Admit: TRUTH Will Make You "Vaccine Hesitant", and Fauci's OTHER Poison

David Knight
David Knight - 181 Views
Published on 20 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

CDC purchased private data location information on over 55 million Americans to see if people were complying with lockdown. YOU are the disease the "center" wants to "control" 2:26

Fauci's OTHER Poison: It Also Has a Large Body Count. He had no evidence to make Remdesavir "the standard of care" but now we have the evidence that it has already killed, in one estimation, over 100,000 people 14:38

German Health Minister Lauterbach admits he lied about vaccine side-effect rates. 23:41

New Twitter files show that the government-backed Stanford initiative told Big Tech to censor TRUE information about vaccines. If they told you the TRUTH, you'd become "vaccine hesitant" — for ALL vaccines. 27:41

Sudden INJECTION Death: SIDS (and SADS). Remember VAERS was set up to track death and injury from CHILDHOOD VACCINES. Now FDA is still using EUA (with NO emergency) to demand jabs for babies 6 months and up during "well child" visits 42:54

Govt Report on Fluoride Hidden: Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. HHS, NIH, EPA all complicit in hiding research showing fluoride lowers IQ in children. But here's the simple reason we always KNEW it was a dangerous fraud 52:40

Pensions wiped out in the 2nd largest Swiss bank's "rescue", bailed-in by both the Swiss central bank and the largest Swiss bank. Larry Fink, Blackrock CEO, says pensions are a global "silent crisis" 1:14:25

Thought savings interest rates were absurdly low? Central bankers salivate over NEGATIVE INTEREST rates made easy with CBDC 1:18:15

We are in a fight for the future of money, liberty and privacy — CBDC. How the moves of the last week are an attack on crypto, cash and small banks 1:38:09

Reuters and mainstream media prepare the public for a takedown of financial system, blaming Russian hackers. Vault7 leak shows they're lying 1:56:33

Artist loses his YouTube music channel when his satire, "mRNA and the Speed of Science", goes viral 2:06:01

Stormy weather is coming Trump’s way. 2:12:22

Trump prosecution is political persecution. But like Dennis Hastert, the longest serving Speaker of the House, who was punished for a NON-CRIME instead of being punished for the REAL CRIME of being a pedophile, Trump will get amnesty for his real crime from the MAGA cult and from government & media 2:21:20

MAGA media shills are demanding that Desantis “defy” any Trump arrest. You see, it's just as political on the right and political perseuction will be used for a political Civil War in GOP 2:36:21

Stormy Weather Ahead for Trump. Clinton committed perjury to cover up his consensual sex with Lewinsky. Trump may be indicted for covering up his buying sex from a porn star prostitute. The irony is that neither LEFT nor RIGHT care about having a president with integrity. It's an indictment of the American people who support, and continue to support, oath breakers and liars foolishly believing they'll obey the Constitution and keep their oath to it and the voters. 2:38:05

How the BATF has gotten financial information from IRS on potential gun buyers for warrantless tracking reports. 2:49:09

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