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20Jan23 NHS Director says UK Hospitals Paid to Lie About Covid to Create Pandemic Illusion

David Knight
David Knight - 250 Views
Published on 20 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

NHS Director says UK paid to create pandemic illusion — hospitals lied about cause of death for money 2:22

How Trump & Biden Handed Power to WHO. Two states are suing over Biden's refusal to end Trump's HHS Sec, Alex Azar, declaration of "public health emergency", a new power for HHS added the final day of the Obama administration. It's tag-team professional wrestling 11:00

IMPORTANT: Congressman has successfully changed discharge status of soldier, separated for not getting the TrumpShot, to honorable, restoring benefits 21:28

Supreme Court investigators can’t figure out who leaked the Dobbs decision. Maybe it's because Michael Chertoff ran the investigation 28:18

WEF: World Economic FORFEITURE. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. They decided to STEAL everything from us without due process, just like "civil asset forfeiture" 34:37

Gore Goes NUCLEAR - 600,000 Hiroshima Bombs a Day!! If your alarmist predications have failed for decades, use bigger numbers and SCREAM LOUDER 36:35

Climate Nazis now whine about coffee 48:01

WATCH Tony Blair - vaccine passports forever! 53:04

Joe Manchin at WEF, pushing attacks on free press and the people's free speech 54:31

INTERVIEW Global Bureaucracy Targets "Freedom, Dignity". James Roguski, It's right there in print — removing dignity and freedom, extending the medical martial law permanently and doing it at the global level through WHO. What they're planning and how to stop it 59:06

The BF Skinner Amendment - they literally call for removing "freedom and dignity" 1:21:04

INTERVIEW Parallel Society to Weather the Storm. Angry Tiger, True grassroots movement, strengthening the individual through community 2:04:21

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