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2022 Wood County Election Republican Candidate Forum -No Free Press Allowed-Yantis Community Center.

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Published on 24 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

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Well guys, I went to the 2022 Wood County Election Forum in Yantis at 5:45 p.m. at the Yantis Community Center sponsored by The Community Chronicle and was met as soon as I arrived by Chuck Roy, Publisher, and Jim Rogers, Editor, of The Winnsboro News.

I apologize in advance for the noise. I polished it up best I could to enhance the voice volume and drown out the noise. It was close to freezing outside and windy and I had a coat on that muffled the sound somewhat.

The Hosts of the event let me know they didn't like my type of journalism, and that I was NOT welcome as the Press or as an individual. They said they invited me and were un inviting me. I stayed until Jim Rogers called the Wood County Sheriff’s office to have me removed.

Wood County Judge Lucy Hebron witnessed the part where they were calling the Sheriff’s office, and asking me to leave. I asked her what she thought of them kicking a journalist out of an Open Public meeting and she replied that she wasn't my personal lawyer and couldn't be giving me advice, with a smirk.

Under threat of arrest, I left. I waited for the Wood County Sheriff’s office to arrive, off property. I recorded the total event and have video of the Sheriff’s office speaking with me. I am also going to FOIA the body cams which was on during the deputy speaking with me. The Deputy went in to speak with the organizer, who kicked me out and I'll FOIA that conversation too. I'm also FOIA requesting that call and any calls to the Sheriff’s dispatch office tomorrow,

Video of that Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!!

Feel free to contact the Winnsboro News, in Winnsboro Texas, if you like, and let them know what you think on this matter.
Chuck Roy, Publisher, The Winnsboro News
Jim Rogers, Editor, of The Winnsboro News.

Our Rights were granted to us under the Declaration of Independence Declaration of Independence in July 4th, 1776

Alter any one of the five in any way, and all the rest are impacted. They are (in order) freedom of religion, speech, press, the right to “peaceably” assemble, and the right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.’’

Every debate — nearly all writing and shared argument — is connected to the First Amendment’s five interrelated and unalienable freedoms.
Interconnected free expression rights that can’t be sold, given up or taken away (by the government)

Mineola Tx Mayor White Wood County Judge Candidate Kevin White was present and witnessed some of the incident.

Uncut, Unedited Audio or Video is an independent unbiased witness and shows exactly what happened and what was said. No he said, she said, just watch for yourself and come to your own conclusion of any event.
Without transparency there is no accountability

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