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2022-01-02 Trump's Deceptions 1080P.mp4

Rev. LeRoy Cressy
Rev. LeRoy Cressy - 592 Views
Published on 03 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics


Pres. Trump, CPAC, July 11, 2021 full speech
First portion @ 00:28:07 Tell no lie
Second portion @ 01:17:20 Vaccine

Pres. Trump with Candace Owens December 22, 2021
Clip @ 12:07 Vaccine is great

© 2022 Rev. LeRoy Cressy
This video is provided under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
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brad hansen
brad hansen 1 year ago

Of course Trump wants to be popular, so who in his position would want to admit that he got played by traitors in his own cabinet and family into harming the citizens he was trying to protect? I still want to believe that Trump is a folk hero but the tone-deaf shilling for medical monopolies makes my ears bleed too.

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