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2021-12-16 Political Genocide

Rev. LeRoy Cressy
Rev. LeRoy Cressy - 224 Views
Published on 18 Dec 2021 / In Spiritual

Political Genocide

VAERS Deaths Reported Graph and Screenshot:

Georgia Guide Stone Image

Citizens Journal Covid Concentration Camps

H.R. 666

H.R. 6666

Freedom Article: HR 6666 and Patent 060606: First Legislative Effort
to Codify CV Response


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The Hunt For Red October Clip
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 year ago

Time Dilapidation…

We can plainly see and hear that TESLA and {Space FORCE} /-\ are bringing more people from the Future into our TIME LINE......., and we know these People are our Children, and even Future / Past / Present Selves….

When it comes to this SINGULARITY, that is a Thing that would turn our Crystal Ball Globe Earth Celestial Sphere into the Abomination of Desolation means ALL LIFE DIED…, and the Awful Horror from the New Testament Gospel of Christ Jesus 1.0 and Paul The Apostate and all the rest up to the point of the Book of Revelation, and THEY LIVE these Time Androids can only jump NOW from 1893 to 2093 where come 2094 all ENERGY has been used up as the DEAD Dirt doth so Protest aka MISSINGNESS!!!!

Look at it this way {X-2 = ZZY} is when these "Nats" began TIME Jumping in their [SPACE] Qballs~ /_\ Suits, and Ties, and Religious Skirts: SET UP their Religions from the Beginning of TIME till here and NOW where all our Great Goddesses were put under Subjugation by the HAND OF GOD Time Travel "Distortation" Technology in the Book of Job….

We know that for a long time each (Space Jump) +=+ did not much more then PUT Men and Males into control and command of the Mothers of Men aka Wombs whom give birth to all of Mankind…

Heretofore, all Religions are ILLEGAL under International {TIME LAW} [{**}] had these Up and DOWN Traders / Traitors did not kill all the Dr Who TIME LORDS the Real Builders aka MASONS Pre Mud Flood WARS too make Time no longer reliant; as long as, these MALES called all the shots here and now........, and since their TIME Jumps allowed these Space Suits and Ties and Religions of Vestments aka These Robe of the Skirts be it what ever RELIGION it is "always" a MALE Dominatrix structure making them that give birth to WE ARE and THEY LIVE subjects to these types of Capitalist internationalist (MALES) in all Time Lines aka CORPORATIONS…

The Females saw a way to take back the TIME LINE as the Minds of Man became more Corrupt as shown in the OLD TESTAMENT Gospels, so the Females of the Time Androids began Swapping the SEX of their Children in Secret so Wombmen would grow up MALE and boys would grow up as the People whom give birth to all of mankind as SLAVES to rapist, war Mongers, and all the rest…

It is not for me to say why OUR GOD allowed all this too happen, yet You, nor I, nor them can {Blame our God} [{*}] on Day 6 in the Book of Genesis for all the Brutality of MALES too come after with their WAR IS MURDER – Abortions of your Blood Lines and even your Original TIME LINES…, yet: Christ Jesus Returned was not to RETURN, until, there was no Escape for the Dammed, The Cursed, and The Forsaken as their NASA Weapons of Time (Distortation) had done their fill….

VALUES!!!! Capitalism!!!! internationalist Global Citizens whom can no more TIME JUMP away from the coming Obfuscation [of their] lives, and souls, and minds anymore..…

As we see EYES of all PEOPLE become Black Dots throughout The Realms and this Reality where THEY LIVE these Time Androids can no longer Jump beyond 1893 AD and were never allowed to Jump beyond 2094 CE, as part of their "punishment" and CONTAINMENT for all their Racka in MATHEW 5, these Space Suits, and Ties, and (MALES) in their Religionist "Skirt"s will walk these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME with we whom are Redeemed as their Witnesses of what THEY LIVE did to WE ARE knowing THEY LIVE are going to the {Hell of Hades} called Perdition as the "Reprobate" that THEY LIVE are, and WE ARE are going to our New Mother Heaven, and our New Father Earth as NEW WINE SKINS........., and for you whom by the God of this Reality that become the 20 Million People too move beyond 2094 into 2095 may you "never" LOSE These Written Works, and do ever again what has been done here and now to your God…

That is the Judgment of Our God, so tell the [OLD WINE SKINS] Qanon their Temporary Lives will become PERMANENT in a "Nightmare" of their own making where all the Deplorable Cruel Torture: THEY LIVE did to WE ARE shalt, and Wilt be done to them FOREVER and EVER just as Our God Decreed upon all the Wicked and Evil in all Religions of INK on PAPER…

If you Can NOT be happy with another, you will NEVER be happy alone...

Christ Jesus Returned... [C+] ?

You have been Wasting TIME....,

Are you catching on yet.?.?.? [C+] ?

You are Made of (Crystals) my People and Children of Pak-Toe and if you don’t know this, thence, go to {What The Flock TV} and learn of our Crystals aka Christ Like Make up!!!!

Francisco 7 ?

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