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Santa Surfing
Santa Surfing - 4,537 Views
Published on 14 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics




TELEGRAM POSTS BY DAKINE (Formerly known as Secret Anon) and myself:

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justsomebodyelse 7 days ago

Remember the Wizard of Oz video you did? If you play around with Steve Mnunchins name and add the letter "K" you get Munchkins,And another way to abbreviate Trumps name is Do.T, which is short for Dorothy.Maybe time travel is real and the white hats wrote the movie.

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kassyk 7 days ago

Loved the video. Alot of truth.. I am 67, was never interested in Politics until this virus stuff happened.I live in Australia, and have been watching President Trump since then.. We need him in Australia too.. Yes, worldwide, the evil has taken everything sacred to us, as you say, " even our breath"..but the child trafficking I can never forgive them for. Only God can do that. I remain a keen supporter of Pres Trump and cannot wait to see him back in office. Oh what a day that will be.. Thankyou for keeping us informed.. Bless you.. I look forward to Jfk Jnr surfacing and dealing Justice.. Very sorry to hear about Veronica.. so very very sad, but I am sure she led a very fruitful life thanks to others.. Bless them too.. xxx

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marcko mcjsouzsn
marcko mcjsouzsn 7 days ago

Great analogy, great stuff Santa...The whole idea of living a life like a new world order clown or puppet is repulsive...I believe we all are very close to each other in principles, values and morality...I mean for fucks sake, can you strap on the idea of sexually exploiting a young child? Abusing a little being for a chemically enhanced blood cocktail? WTH kind of world are we participating in? Look i'm no saint, have a fowlmouth at times, have a drug history and can be dishonest at times BUT , NEVER HAVE I ROBBED A CHILD OF THEIR VERY CHILDHOOD, VITAL FLUIDS AND EVENTUALLY THEIR LIVES...No I havent
not one time...does this make me a better person...FUCK NO BUT IT ALLOWS ANOTHER CHILD TO POSSIBLY HAVE A CHANCE LIKE I DID...A CRACK AT LIFE A MEAR POTENTIAL FOR AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE A HOME WITH THEIR OWN CHILDREN IF THEY WANT...It is time to look inside, not outwardly for our maladjustments...we suffer from the lack of a true spiritual experience w A higher source of power A TRUE COMPASSIONATE HUMAN BEING WHO DOES CARE ABOUT OTHERS...we are at the best time to ever be alive, to experience the magnificence of The creator and now I'm gonna drop the MOAB
YOU ARE A DIVINE SPARK AND A PIECE OF THE TRUE ONE CREATOR, YOU ARE IN ESSENCE GOD...YOU HAVE A HIGHER SELF THAT IS WATCHING OVER YOU, YES THIS IS TRUE...The lies by the masonic teachers are so vast and will keep you in the paradigm of the Messiah story of Heaven and Hell with it ending in your judgement and many to hell? Ask yourself this...Do you have childen? If you do could you look your child in the eye, and say "I am sorry, I never knew you and now I will cast you into a lake of fire for you TO BURN FOR ETERNITY? DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A LOVING COMPASSIONATE GOD OR does it reminisce of one told in many forms like The Santa Claus? Making list's of whose naughty etc...YES THE MASONIC TEACHERS HAVE BEEN SELLING OUR SOULS INTO A SOUL TRAP FOR 1,000'S OF YR's...Spirit, God , Creator whatever you choose to label the wonderful being that chose to create YOU. You are an eternal being that is spiritual in nature having an experience inside a human construct...Conscious of self but misguided with religion to keep you inside the Matrix while they slave you, pilfer your resources, screw your children and bogart your GOD GIVEN gifts...AND NOW IT IS TIME TO TAKE THEM BACK...SOVEREIGN SOULS WE ARE ENTERING REVELATIONS END AND IT ISNT ANYTHING YOU THOUGHT...YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE OR PERISH, THE ENTITIES AND DARK ENERGIES ARE BEING PUSHED OFF THIS TIMELINE AND PLANETARY SPHERE...and this is the best time to be alive for you have literally graduated and you will be here to receive all of the gifts God promised in the Bible...
I hope you all choose to seek a path of higher wisdom, call upon your guides and higher self and they will respond...
you need to believe what I am saying with INTENT, intent that you wish to know the God inside and not on the wall..and the belief that you have every power that the Christ possesed when he was on the Earth Plane 2000 yrs ago... He said this...for these miracles surely you can do each and every one of you...and yo can begin to heal yourself, which in step will begin to heal the planet and eventually (its guarenteed) humanity as a whole...God Bless each and every patriot, eacxxxh and every liberal soul who may be lost, scared and afraid to come forward w important information, God Bless The Qmovement with a big special shout out to OUR PRESIDENT, DONALD JOHN TRUMP and all of his family and those close to them...

Finally I leave you with this...Could it be possible that you werent told the entire truth about God? And that it was done on Purpose? And is it possible that God loves you so much, that God made an agreement with you to come to Earth at this time to be an instrument of light for others when it becomes dark? If this resonates w you at all the you are being awakened for a time in which you agreed to come to hold humanity in a higher frequency while this plays out? YES, YES AND MORE YES


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