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2019 Oakland Vice Youth Poet Laureate commemorating 75 Years of the United Nations Charter

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 980 Views
Published on 25 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation


75 years after the UN Charter was signed in what is now San Francisco's Herbst Theatre, the 2019 Oakland Vice Youth Poet Laureate takes central stage.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 years ago  

The PATTERNS of my Mind…

Now that we know the FREE MASON Lodge members in our HOME TOWNS put on the SLAVE MASK of the [U.N. FLAGS] #QANON /_\ of these INTERNATIONALIST CORPORATIONS of the CDC to the WHO….., then it is no Surprise that Neighbor WILL Turn on Neighbor…., and CALL Homeland Security, and FEMA, and ICE to say: My neighbor is NOT Practicing “social distancing” for the U.N. TROOPS to wear our Police and Military UNIFORMS, and come kill all WE THE PEOPLE for this Agenda 21 + 30 TV {NEWS} World Order too say: Do what we tell you!!!, cause WE ARE THE CORPORATIONS that “make you” Consume and Buy, and DRESS like Us, Talk Like Us, and Be like us the MOVIE STARS, and the MUSIC STARS, and SPORTS STARS for {you nonmason} need to know your place in this {NEWS} World Order where TV SHOWS are used as A Weapon to lie to you about EVERYTHING!!!

Yet, there is more IMPORTANT Task then worrying about the U.N. FLAGS of the USA Made In China World Police known as U.N. Troops called PEACEKEEPERS, you need to consider the U.N. MILITARY EMPIRE is run by the People from the UNDERGROUND Cities, and them TWO CONTINENTS “left off” the United Nations FLAT EARTH World DOMINATION Map that anyone can see it is the same damn “Colours” as the U.N. Flag of TALMUD ZIONIST Jesuit ISRAEL!!! This U.N. is not about WORLD PEACE….., it is about this U.N. Flag will have NOTHING!!! and This U.N. Flag will have WAR IS MURDER…..., and this “U.N. Flag” called the UNITED STATES Military will make TV SHOWS to say: We did not kill “Innocent” UNARMED Populations all over the World with the {Indian and Pakistan} [{**}] and Chinese U.N. Troops in our Perspective Hunger Games JURISDICTIONS!!!

However, why are we all “out of work” / * \ when the GOVERNMENT are our FELLOW CITIZENS, and they live off our TAXES as “The Employed” [{*}] of WE THE PEOPLE, and while We The People are all out of Work these FREE MASON “Governmentals” are getting to call all the shots……., and we NONMASON are being screwed into Desperation…….., and Destitution cause WE PAID THEM to do this to we their Fellow Citizens!!! You may not know whom I am……..., but my people know all FREE MASON from “Demolay” to Jobs Daughters to Rainbow Girls to Shriners FAKED this (COVID19) PLAN to The Scam of a Fake VACCINE Remedy…., and as the PLANES fly no more..., and the Ships are all stopped... The N.O.R.A.D. Military of NATO is on the Streets of all “Blue Eyed” Nations to come kill all we BLACK HAIR “Brown Eyes” People of this World once more…

Look at your Oppressors on these TV SCREENS my people, and focus “only on” THEIR EYE COLOR… Who has the Best Jobs.?.?.? Whom are in the Police Uniform COSTUMES.?.?.? Whom are them in Charge as Mayor, Governors, City Councils, School Boards.?.?.? Brown Eyed BLACK HAIR People?????, or do only BLUE EYED people of the E.U. and the U.K. and The GOOD OLE USA call “all the shots” as They OWN all the BANKS, and run the Religions, and OWN The CORPORATIONS saying: You can not WORK unless you PUT ON THIS SLAVE MASK and “Pretend” /-\ the Corona is Death it self when we look to WW1 and WW2 and see these “Light Skin” BLUE EYES oppress all BLACK HAIR ONLY People of the world when “we outnumber” these Blue Eyed People way more with our BROWN EYES Populations…

Johnny Exodice

In a END OF AN AGE war for this world, We BROWN EYED BLACK HAIR ONLY People can and will put an end to all BLUE EYED People for their Treachery – Sedition – Malfeasance!!!

Don’t think BLUE EYED people are the Problem, then look at the PRESIDENTS of the USA, and whom did send all our BROWN EYES Jobs to them BLACK HAIR WHITE PEOPLE of Dark EYES in China.?.?.? The United Nations U.S. FLAG sent all our JOBS to the U.N. FLAG of MADE IN CHINA to plan out WORLD WAR THREE and kill us all whom are Poor, and now whose in the TV and U-Tube talking SHIT day after day when the TV SAYS Millions have Died, and yet, WE GOT NO JOBS cause what eye Color owns the CORPORATIONS “Oppression” of WE THE PEOPLE???

The UNITED NATIONS “Determine” whom gets Bombed, Whom is [Denied Crops] Q and Water, and whom get to make Hollywood “Bollywood” EMPTY Promises as EVIL SPIRITS are IN The Minds and Thoughts of “all them” that WEAR THE MASK of that FREE MASON “Lodge” in your home town...

The Sentinel…


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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 3 years ago

That was quite a performance Eleanor.

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