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20 Years ago the Birth of Tyranny arrived, Today a New Tyranny is thrust on America by its own"President"!

Joe Ayers
Joe Ayers - 174 Views
Published on 11 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

Never Forget How They Lie To Us
West Virginia Governor Drops Bombshell: 25% Increase In Death Amongst Vaccinated Individuals
Compilation: Fuck Joe Biden Chants Across America
SMOKING GUN: Fauci Ordered Construction of COVID-19 Virus, FOIA Docs Show
Chaos Ensues As Afghanistan Ignored
Rand Paul Reacts To Fauci’s Confirmed Wuhan Ties: ‘Surprise, Surprise – Fauci Lied Again!’
OPINION: Fauci Should Be Tried At The Hague For His Life
CDC Quietly Changes Definition Of ‘Vaccine’ As COVID-19 Continues To Infect Vaccinated People
Ohio Senate Candidate J.D. Vance Calls for “Mass Civil Disobedience” in Response to Joe Biden’s Tyrannical Mandates
‘We Will Fight Biden to the Gates of Hell to Protect Liberty’ – GOP Governors Prepare to Sue Biden Admin Over Unconstitutional Vax Mandate
Joe Biden’s Plan for Forced Vaccinations for American Workers Does Not Include Illegal Aliens
“As Soon as OSHA Issues This Rule We Will Sue, We Will Win” – Charlie Kirk Announces TPUSA Will Sue as Soon as OSHA Issues Biden’s Vaccine Mandates (VIDEO)
“I Don’t Have a Firm Answer For You on That” – Fauci When Asked Why People with Natural Immunity Should be Required to Get Covid Vax (VIDEO)
Psaki Refuses to Give an Answer When Asked Why American Workers Are Required to be Vaccinated But Illegal Aliens Are Not (VIDEO)
Members of Congress and Their Aides are Exempt From Biden’s Vax Mandate

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