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Johnny Exodice
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Published on 06 May 2021 / In Hobby

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Encyclopedia Britannica films presents, Iran. In collaboration with Professor William Haas, produced by Kenneth Richter. This is a 1952, black and white film. The film is narrated. The purpose of the film is to explore the great history of Iran but appreciating its recent developments in technology and education. The people of Iran look to the mountains for water 1:18. A map of the Middle East is shown with countries surrounding Iran. To the west there is Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. To the east we have Pakistan and Afghanistan 1:30. The Soviet Union lies to the north 1:32. Persian ruins at Persepolis: the Hall of 100 Columns, the Harem and a sculptured stone stairway 1:56. Life-size carving of Darius the ruler 2:00. Etched imagery of worshipers bringing bounty to Darius 2:14. Vessels with exotic shapes are shown being offered to the ruler 2:33. Images of humpback cattle from what is today India 2:38. A chariot like those of the Egyptian pharaohs 2:50. A Bactrian camel from what is today Afghanistan 2:50. Golden tablet with Darius’s words 3:00. Bust of Xerxes who expanded Persian rule 3:18. The Persian armies met defeat at the hands of the Greeks at the battle of Marathon 3:28. Many mosques were built 3:58. Roads, irrigation systems palaces and theaters were built 4:25. Raza Shah rises to power, 4:39. The young ruler’s Palace has the architectural style of modern day Tehran 4:48. The mirror throne room 4:58. The Peacock throne, a golden seat of state 5:14. Nader Shah captures the throne from India and brought it to Persia 5:18. Atop the throne sits the jeweled Peacock 5:18. Tehran is the capital of Iran, a modern city with roots in the past 5:25. New buildings and modern apartments that sit in the foreground of the great mountains show progress 5:56. At the National University, young Iranians study to become doctors, teachers, engineers and leaders of the future 6:12. Isfahan is near the center of the country and pointed out on a map 6:16. The Imperial splendor of Isfahan and workers in the market 6:30. The hands of Isfahan craftsman create fine articles of silver. Their skill is not easily acquired 7:00. Mohammad Zufan, a silver-master plies his trade 7:17. Silver cases ornamented with ancient heroes and beasts 7:22. The shop windows of Isfahan 7:30. Miniature paintings. A man paints with a very small brush of three camel hairs in fine detail 7:54. Women are binding knots to make woolen rugs 8:17. Woman uses a comb faced hammer over the ropes of the rug 8:42. Textile mill shows modern industry in Shiraz 9:00. Oranges grow near reflecting pools 9:21. A temple honoring the poet Saadi is at Shiraz 9:33. Camel caravans 9:45. Technical school 9:55. Rapidly expanding medical school 10:06. Doctors sit together and learn 10:11. Elaborate irrigation systems bring water from 60 feet underground 10:40. People of the village come to the well to wash their clothes 10:51. Animals and humans share the water at the well 11:02. Zara and her family make bread 11:41. The main staple is bread with little meat or vegetables to be had 12:00. Personal belongings are scarce 12:15. Bedding is the most important possession 12:20. A boy climbed down off the roof of his home and enters a building 12:32. Women bake bread over a fire 12:40. Oxen walk with a man 13:10. Steel tip on the plow helps turn over the soil behind the oxen 13:28. Aerial view of Iran 13:35. Large oil refineries 13:49. Iranian technicians are developing skills to operate complex machinery 13:59. Men from the Highland Tribes 14:10. The End.

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no0negun 1 month ago

Great video. So strange to see the fall of the Shah in our lifetime and to see that country hijacked.

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