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18 Top Foods That Will Give You An Instant Energy Burst

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Published on 14 Sep 2022 / In Health

From apples, dates, tuna, bananas to sweet potatoes and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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Intro - 0:00
Oatmeal - 0:39
Peanut Butter - 1:32
Edamame - 2:01
Apples - 2:37
Eggs - 3:11
Spinach - 3:50
Dates - 4:17
Greek Yogurt - 4:44
Cottage Cheese - 5:08
Pistachios - 5:44
Banana - 6:10
Avocado - 6:33
Tuna - 7:08
Popcorn - 7:28
Dark chocolate - 7:58
Brown rice - 8:29
Sweet potatoes - 9:04
Dark Leafy Green Veggies - 9:35


1. Oatmeal: This versatile whole grain breaks down to become energy that is slowly absorbed by your body throughout the day. Oatmeal and oats differ slightly and there are several different kinds. After the oats have been processed, the bran and germ remain intact and their high fiber content can help improve digestion. There are regular oats known as ‘old-fashioned’ oats or rolled oats, quick oats, instant oats, and steel-cut oats.

2. Peanut Butter: A spoonful of this calorie-dense nutty spread goes a long way in providing delicious power jolts. Peanut butter is a superfood because it’s loaded with healthy fats, protein, and fiber that keep hunger at bay and maintain stable blood sugar levels.

3. Edamame: Packing a whopping 12 grams of protein per 100 grams, edamame is currently one of the most popular protein sources, especially among vegans. This healthy pick-me-up snack is low in calories but high in carbohydrates, fiber, folic acid, manganese, vitamins, and minerals.

4. Apples: One apple a day keeps the hunger at bay. They are all-around champions rich in vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates. These are the main sources of fuel for the body and the brain. Apples are also low on the glycemic index scale, so they won’t cause a sugar rush and leave you tired and hungry in no time.

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