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16Sep22 Christianity is Collapsing in USA. Non-Christians Say It's Vital to Oppose Woke Marxism

David Knight
David Knight - 146 Views
Published on 16 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

* Migrant Migraines:
- VP Lala Harris said the "border is secure". TX Abbott sends 2 bus loads of migrants to her home in DC
- FL DeSantis sends only 50 to Martha's Vineyard and the wealthy community calls it a humanitarian crisis
* Lancet says covid leaded from US lab while still pushing Zero Covid. Here's why panic about origins is simply a fear campaign to distract us from the real danger
* Why is UK health system weaponizing surveillance with spy agency partner Palantir?
* Trump announces he's running, with or without criminal charges
* Rand Paul's confrontation with Fauci is a move in the right direction but a major disappointment at the same time
* Establishment of LGBT Religion? Supreme Court says exercise of your religious beliefs can be negated by someone else' gender choice
* Corruption in Congress, rots from the head down - most are doing insider trading, just like their leader Pelosi
* As more deaths are directly tied to jab, at least one country is stopping the mass murder
* Transhumanist Thiel compares "wokeism" to Wahhabism. An Israeli conservative says only biblical Christianity can stop "woke-Marxism" in USA. But polls show Christianity collapsing in USA. At the same time secular theories about BigBang and evolution are in crisis as observational science disproves them. So what happens next?

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JamesRoss 9 days ago

I would like to watch this, but... 7 Gigabytes of downloading is too much. Handbrake can reduce this to under one Gig without much loss of clarity.

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