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14Mar23 With Captions Crypto Prohibition at Root of Bank Closures; A "Motherless Child" - Satanic Use of Biotech

David Knight
David Knight - 136 Views
Published on 14 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

Nullification — the "rightful remedy" to both Gun Control AND Drug War. 2:13

"Eye-patch McCain" (Dan Crenshaw) and Lindsey Graham want a LITERAL war on drugs in Mexico after 4 Americans killed. They want drug cartels treated as ISIS. Does that mean we will now be arming the cartels? 20:09

How Credit Card Codes Will Be Weaponized. Bank of America voluntarily gave FBI all Jan6 credit card charges from their customers in the DC area (including VA & MD)says whistleblower George Hill. Credit card companies will do the same if not prohibited. The code alone could be used to charge gun stores higher fees and intimidate customers to drive the stores out of business 34:05

Silvergate Bank did NOT fail — its "Crime" was being involved with crypto. A look at Biden Warp Speed attack on crypto the last couple of months. Operation Chokepoint 2.0 54:42

Twenty states have bills to redefine "money" as CBDC (including a foreign, global digital cash) and to ban bitcoin and other private cryptos. Remember how they quietly changed definitions BEFORE the pandemic? 1:27:21

NC using crony capitalism subsidies to bring Vietnamese electric car company plant to the state while throwing out residents, small businesses and a church that's been there since 1888 using eminent domain to take from one private owner and give to another. 1:32:20

Unlike Obama (who bought an ocean front mansion that climate fear mongers say will be underwater) these people are moving to Duluth to escape the coming "global warming" 1:46:23

Selling fraudulent "carbon credits". Yes, it's redundant, but… 1:50:20
Pastuerization without Representation WATCH Thomas Massie's bill to block FDA from prohibiting Raw Milk 1:58:46

INTERVIEW Growing Food When Government Steals Your Farm
A system born out of necessity when commercial techniques failed became the lifeline when Zimbabwe stole farms from white farmers
gardening without plowing or tilling
thermal compost & natural organic fertilizers
eight simple questions to create an easy, but effective garden plan
and much more
Your best prepping may be in training neighbors to grow food, thereby building community. Noah Sanders, 2:02:40

Motherless Child: A Satanic Use of Technology. An engineered mouse with 2 biological fathers and no mother. A marriage made in hell between bioengineering tech and LGBT desires. 2:50:01
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gang 3 months ago

you mean hary and william ... but diana is not dead,
not their mother neither
sara ferguson is william mother
hary is hewitt and blewitt son

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