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13Mar23 Third Anniversary of Lockdown and a "New" Financial Emergency

David Knight
David Knight - 131 Views
Published on 13 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES
3rd Anniversary of "the emergency" and big bank failures.  They have much more in common than you'd think.  How the money side of the pandemic boosted the super-rich share of global wealth. 2:13
Demagogues are jumping in to exploit envy and jealousy about a situation they created. 8:17
Banks are getting ready to reset everything and steal more money from us. 15:57
SVB: 93% of deposits are not insured, not 93% of depositors. 23:41
FDIC recorded in meeting: "Don’t tell the public what’s going on." 31:42
Circle has a stable coin that’s based on the dollar (LOL) and had $3.3 BILLION in SVB.  Brilliant. 53:52
How Silvergate crypto-collapse differed from Silicon Valley Bank, no bailout. 1:01:52
"Operation Chokepoint" for Crypto?  Senators write letter to heads of federal banking regulatory agencies questioning the ideological motivation behind recent regulatory moves in regard to cryptocurrency. 1:07:07
WATCH "It's a Wonderful Lie": watch it with recent events in mind 1:11:52
Third Anniversary of "Pandemic Emergency".  The fear continues.  And the emergency orders.  And the foundations of medical martial law are being STRENGTHENED. 1:21:27
Steve Kirsch offers a woman $100,000 to take her mask off on a commercial flight (beginning bid was $100).  She refuses.  Irrational fear survives 1:22:14
The private messages of Matt Hancock, UK lockdown, continue to astound with calculated, evil, cynicism. 1:45:38
$2 MILLION in fines for California church that refused to lockdown.  But even more troubling is the Chinese communist-style surveillance the county did of church members. 2:00:25
Cavalry Chapel attendance exploded during the pandemic, separating the wheat from the locked down chaff. 2:13:09
"Millennium Falcon" Designer: Another Death by COVID Malpractice Desc: Star Wars designer, one year on ventilator.  Covid didn't lock us down — POLITICIANS did.  Covid didn't kill us — malicious MEDICAL MALPRACTICE did, withholding safe, effective, cheap treatments and forcing expensive, dangerous, ones. 2:22:44
Seven states still have ongoing state of emergency 2:29:10
What happens when "emergency" declared at an end?  It's ALL about the money 2:35:39
Kentucky grandmother meets her great-great-great-great granddaughter.  The value of family 2:41:29
Walgreens in the middle of an abortion pill tug-of-war between Hochul, Newsom, Biden and half of the State AG's.  Forgotten in it all is WOMEN'S HEALTH 2:48:00

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