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13 stillborn deaths in 24 hours...thank you Ronnie...Russell,Kansas

Martin Brodel
Martin Brodel - 463 Views
Published on 29 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

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cherokeegeorge 9 months ago

Salvation Army LOST their moral compass and original goal...witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Model-Nutty 9 months ago

Flynn supposedly said Q-Anon a CIA psyop, is weird and contradictory..
there is Q, there are the Anon's, and the MSM tries to call it all "Q-Anon".
so many have been killed trying to expose human/child trafficking,
so many are being killed by the F'n death jab now too, "do you miss me yet?"
how do we know DJT is NOT a pied piper as we see very little happening?
I was learning about "pizzagate" damn near 5 years ago now,
truth about it is suppressed one way or another, including "look over here".
"biden administration" is blatant treason, but is allowed to continue why?
look how 911 truth F'n buried, I knew it was controlled demolitions DAY ONE.
they blew up financial investigations, used it as excuse to screw Middle East,
to use THAT as a "refugee crisis" weapon to destroy the West with...
but you're RACIST if you understand it and say anything about the truth of it?
"disorganized militants" are "peaceful protests" as they burn loot murder?
no dislike or disrespect to you Martin, I'm just not seeing a good ending.
are we to the point we have to ALL play "Kyle" and knock creeps flat ourselves?
no need to get any more graphic than that, and they ARE entrenched deep.
if Q really is CIA etc PSYOP to hold still while they get a good clean head shot,
then what we get IS our own fault for not taking action, doing as we're told..
as the dumbass lemmings drag us who still have a brain over the cliff with them.

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