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13 children die in a single school in Africa, less than 40 min. after the Pfizer lethal

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Published on 08 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 months ago

Spiritual WARFARE through Chemistry…

We are going to look into the MUD FLOOD WARS and use World War one as a prime example of our World Leaders living off of our Money known as Religious Donations aka Tithing, and thence the TAXES we Volunteer to all these CORPORATION U.N. Flags where They live off of our MONEY telling we the people to kill and murder one another because Your Flag is not my Flag, and My Flag is not their Flag, and all of this is a part of the Society of INTERNATIONALIST aka Capitalist saying do as you are TOLD when I live off of you!!!!

Here in Purgatory in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME, it does not surprise me that WW1 was all about Germ Warfare using Potions and Poison, and that if you wanted to take over a World, you would first have to Kill and Murder all the Grown Ups, and by 1855 after this world became The Awful Horror in the New Testament known as we are inside the Moon that Our God said: One day you will know all that was done to you by the people you pay taxes to whom are your EMPLOYEES from the Military to the Religion to the Schools of Thoughts to the CORPORATIONS, you pay these people to tell you what to do, so they can live off of your money as Your Excellencies and Your Majesties when they are nothing more than a Pirate EYE Patch be they Androids with NO FREE WILL to the Humans and Hybrids whom WE ARE can question what THEY LIVE have done to we the People in INNER EARTH, this side of the World with the Sun and the Moon, and in the Old Testament The other side of this Celestial Sphere with NO SUN and NO MOON where all the things that go Bump in the Night come from…

You my fellow citizen have NO SAY in the RULE OF LAW, but you pay all the money that pays for C.O.P.S. Corporate Stocks and Bonds, and from your President DICTATORS of the Fake Jews to the ones whom pull you over to take you to JAILS and PRISON Paid for with your CITIZEN Taxes my Civilian Plebs, and My Military Plebes: THEY LIVE these suits and ties and skirts on your TV SCREENS would have NOTHING without "you" paying all the TAXES in the New Testament Gospels for these LAWS as a Citizen that you as a NON-MASON have no say in, and yet, it is a FREE MASON Lodge that you see where you live whom these Buildings (used to be) /-\ the Builders before the MUD FLOOD WARS whom made all those Amazing Building that still stand to this very day ever since we were all INCUBATOR BABIES in 1893 AD…

The suits and ties and skirts on your TV Shows and Screens are the Syndicate and Mafia of ENFORCERS whom fill your minds with all their LIES AGREED UPON, and from Made in China with their Crying Merchant Ships MILITARY Blockade for the SPACE FORCE of the USA!!! USA!! USA!!!

From Russia to Saudi Arabia too name your [LOT in life] +=+ on this side of FLAT EARTH where I must HATE you because your FLAG is not My Flag "whence" all INSTITUTIONS from your Local Religion to your {Paid Employees} [{**}] called the U.N. Government of CORPORATION FLAGS lie to your face about Landing on the moon!!!!

Now, in Our WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition Stratocracy, I have not lied to you about anything (INTENTIONALLY) [{}] as these FREE MASON Lodges in your home towns do…

SO many of our People are dead Dead DEAD and turned into $1.00 Fast Food Feed "too be" fed back to we NON-MASON by these FREE MASON CORPORATIONS capitalist for capitalism as WE ARE denied all Industry as INDUSTRIALIST!!!!

I told you I had Weevils growing in my mind, so I went too sleep in another room, and today I awoke and the Spiritual Attack of the Spider was gone, and is nothing more then a Black Diamond in that room, but in my Bed Room we got me a Brand New Mattress!!!! Not to mention all the Polyester Sheets with New Pillows too Boot!!!!

It is the NEW NORMAL "Mattress" that I sleep, and there is no way too Wash out the [Alchemy} [{}] so it absorbs through the Polyester Sheets into my Skin, and then the CHEMICALS seep into my flesh and blood and bones, and follow the TIME LINE with me, before I got the Brand New Mattress, I had no weird Visions upon awakening, and 4 months later, I see "Weevils" and a Cage being wrapped about my ceiling, and it is the Chemical WARFARE built into the {Brand New Mattress} by these CORPORATIONS of and for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 that I can not wash into our Water Supply: too damage all life that drinks of the Waters from the "Chemicals" in our Toilets whence we piss and shit, so I can clear it away like I can do with the Pillow Cases, and New Bedding in the Washing Machines using MORE Brand New Chemicals….

This is why you have Birth Defects, and Autism, and other issues with your health because these Capitalist and their Suits and Ties and Skirts on your TV SCREEN are selling you Spiritual {Attacks of Chemicals} in your Bedding and Clothing, and all the other ways Cosmetics from Spraying our Skies with their TOXIC WASTE DUMPS from all these Chemicals too make Clothing that Cotton WOULD NOT MAKE, but the Colours for the Movement of the Hollywood Fake Jews of "Clothing" is also being {utilized poisoning} of and into your NEW BORN Babies and giving you and them Birth Defective children whom can NO Longer "Think" because just like in World War ONE My non-mason (GENTILE) Populations by these FAKE JEWS from the Book of Revelation' chemical "warfare" is being done by these FREE MASON Lodges in your home towns for COVID-19…

Why does this matter???

Because the “Chemicals” in your Brand Spanking NEW Mattress that you be sleeping since 2019 during this LOCK DOWN of [Lock Step] for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 here in 2021 is causing the VOO DOO of Sorcery called Alchemy that is making you, and your CIVILIZATIONS "minds" go insane too DO NOT Question what the TV Says when all the TV is nothing but is all Lies Agreed Upon for these International CORPORATIONS suits and ties and skirts!!!!

You can land a Man on the Moon, but you will not tell me the Deadly {Chemicals of Alchemy} in my Babies Clothing, Medications, Laundry to Dish Washer too Bathing SOAPS?????

You ORGANIZED CRIMINALS as "internationalist" CORPORATION Capitalist just want me to BUY YOUR SHIT, and take it without Question, nor COMPLAINT!!!!

I can wrap the Mattress in PLASTIC to put a [Barrier] Qballs~ /_\ between me and the VOO DOO used to make it by these INTERNATIONALIST from the Other Side of our Shared Celestial Sphere as Capitalist, but what of you and your babies to toddlers to preteens, how long have you and they been exposed to this Spiritual Warfare by these GOVERNMENT CONSPIRATOR Corporation FLAGS of and for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 in their META of OMNI Crypto Wallets???

Since "Chemicals" are used too make the TV {TAKE YOUR PILLS} Side Effects (legally) murdering you......., and the Vaccines........., and once you know what [Element] does what........, thence, there is "Liability" for them that makes Clothing and Cloths even Plastic Clothing and Bedding for your new born babies` and THEY LIVE do not tell you the SIDE EFFECTS of these "Chemicals" used to put Weevils into your minds by the Very Polyester Clothing and Bedding you wear, and your children sleep and breath making all WE THE PEOPLE die before our time is up in 2094 CE in these days of Noah ONE LAST TIME….

#LowKARG ?

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

Are you high? You completely discredit yourself by the simple fact that you cannot spell a 2 letter word correctly. It is TO, not TOO. And you may be correct, but the INCREDIBLY long, dragged out, STUPID, philosophically way you said it? Make you come off like a brain damaged ex drug addict. I know some. They do not believe they need brain vitamins, just think everyone else is messed up. NO. IT IS YOU. Speak clearly; explain HOW & WHY we should believe you. NOT what happened with your new mattress. No one GAF. Just put it outside in the sun for 2 days & over night for one.... And EAT correctly. As for the government? MASS NON COMPLIANCE will stop all of this. Coming here, to speak condescendingly - to lecture ppl that KNOW wtf is happening does nothing for you. In fact, you look like an idiot. Get your sht together, stop judging others, sober up. THEN give some Ted talks. P.S. Everyone knows our laundry detergent is likely toxic, but it smells good. And we all KNOW Bounce keeps spiders & rats away when placed beneath the kick plates under the kitchen sink, as they are toxic. So do Bay leaves (not toxic). What's your point?

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