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March 25, 2023  Friday Headline News
Resistance Chicks

12/22 Marinades: Unity Star Led Freedom In 2023!, Remembering Seeds of Seth This Faith-Filled Season

Marie Mohler
Marie Mohler - 124 Views
Published on 17 Dec 2022 / In Spiritual
Part 2 of this 2-Part Video Series takes a deeper dive into these powerful December 2022+ Energies and Messages. Themes and topics covered in this Marinades video include 3 Specific Seeds Born of Adam & Eve's Union, Remembering Seth This Faith-Filled Season, Remembering Christ Consciousness this Faith-Filled Season, Being Set Free in 2023, The Light Is Doing The Heavy Lifting, The Unity Star Is Guiding Us Home, and more! Thank you for joining me and please share with others who would benefit from these insights and positive energies.

Part 1 of this 2-Part Video Series presents the Arcturian Collective's December 2022 Energy Update via channel Marie Mohler. In this transmission, the Guides spotlight the Unity Star, the Seeds of Seth, the Christed Unity Consciousness that is Rising and Breaking the Serpent's Spells, Divine Will Being Done, and more! To tune into the Original Transmission, click here:

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March 25, 2023  Friday Headline News
Resistance Chicks