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12/22/2022 -- West Coast USA / California Seismic unrest -- Pacific earthquake activity rises

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 25 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

Now that California broke the day before winter solstice, I think we can now safely say that the timing on the quakes for Spring, Summer and Winter are fairly spot on.

The USGS said there is no relation between seasons and earthquakes, which is true... instead there are 3 times a year that earthquake activity rises for the most part.... Spring Equinox.. middle of Summer and Winter Solstice are the times of increase.

Not 4 times a year in seasons .... rather 3 times a year timed with the tilt of the Earth vs the angle of the Sun. This is why the USGS missed the connection, they pre-set incorrect parameters to look for something.

They set out to look for 4 season connections, therefore they missed the 3 times a year actual reality.....

Now we watch Southern California (Mojave) for up to M5.4 as well as the CA/NV border by Long valley for M4.5... also watch Texas at the OK border for a noteworthy break similar to the last two M5.5+. events!

Illinois / Indiana border region also due to be hit by a more rare M3.0 range event.

Vancouver Island Pacific Northwest keep watch for M6.4 range over the next 7 days.

Indonesia Java, M6.4 due

Coast of Tokyo Japan M6.0 due

Afghanistan into India M5.9 due

Bosnia into Albania M5.0 due.

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