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Gaetz tells Tucker about drag queen story hours on military bases
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11Jan23 How & Who Invented Wuhan Origin Story; The Depopulation Mechanism of the Bioweapon TrumpShots

David Knight
David Knight - 115 Views
Published on 12 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

What’s going on with Coinbase. 2:07

Ellen Degenerate says California rains are from an angry "Mother Earth". No, she got God's gender and location wrong. 6:03

Houston DA (funded by Soros) goes after man in Houston who defended restaurant patrons from armed robbery. Here's the law in TX and the (dead) robber's rap sheet. 12:45

Arkansas bill would classify drag shows as adult-oriented business and add restrictions about children and locations. 14:47

OUTRAGEOUS: At the wide open US-Mexico border, American citizens are being detained, fined $5,000 or having their car confiscated for going through the WRONG LANE at the checkpoint 18:44

Biden scheme to target Christian schools who take Caesar's coin. 26:14

Public Schools losing students as Homeschooling is Skyrocketing. 36:54

Who Started the Wuhan STORY? Forget about the virus, what's the origin of the NARRATIVE? What organizations and countries pushed the lockdown/WarpSpeed/ID "problem/solution"? has info on the origin and spread of the narrative, but I disagree with their conclusions about motives 45:35

Pentagon, says FOX, has now capitulated on mandatory vaccines for military — or have they? It may be good news, but there's more to the story than what FOX is saying 1:13:23

Bernie Sanders is FURIOUS over TrumpShots — price increase! He doesn't care they're killing people, neither does GOP 1:18:37

What is SpayVac? Is it a Smoking Gun for Vax as Human Depopulation. The company says it's for "humane population control" but if you look at this company, its vaccine and its connection to Pfizer, maybe they mean "human population control". 1:22:02

Pfizer partnered with this SpayVac for the delivery mechanism of the vaccine which concentrates in ovaries and keeps mammal eggs from being fertilized 1:30:20

House Republicans vote to repeal the Democrats’ army of 87,000 IRS agents as first act of new congress. What happens next? 1:38:21

Trump wants to primary out the 18 GOP Senators who voted for the $1.7 Trillion spending bill. Remember what he demanded of the lone Congressman who opposed HIS $3.7 Trillion spending bill? 1:51:39

Violence and gun control in Illinois as Democrats approve the strongest "assault weapon" ban (and other measures) in the country 2:01:23

INTERVIEW: Protect YOUR Kids From CPS & Trans-Grooming. Whether your kids are homeschooled, public schooled, or even if you own firearms, Dwight Mitchell,, has info on what you need to know about your rights. New assaults on parental rights are coming from schools as opposition to schools grooming kids may trigger CPS. As an NRA instructor, Dwight also talks about CPS issues for gunowners 2:05:17

What’s changed since the introduction of Covidid. 2:13:58

Dwight on Second Amendment and what it’s like to be a firearms instructor in New Jersey. 2:38:20

Unlike TX, NJ law says it needs to be an imminent threat for you to use deadly force. 2:41:41

HUNDREDS of teachers in Chicago accused of rape, sexual assault and grooming 2:59:04

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Gaetz tells Tucker about drag queen story hours on military bases
Cordovas777 See About Section For Important Links to Banned Videos