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11 Things About Parsley, Named Herb of 2021

The Human Collective
Published on 15 Sep 2022 / In Health

Parsley leaves, commonly underestimated as a simple food garnish, have some rather interesting attributes as an herbal seasoning, juicing vegetable as well as a non-cruciferous leafy green.

We jump right into the top things about Petroselinum crispum species with some basic info as well as special lesser-known highlights about this popular culinary favorite. (To jump to your video section of choice, scroll down for Video Chapter Timelines.)

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Additional Sourced Info
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Video Chapter Timelines:
0:18 1) Types of Parsley Leaves
0:50 2) Named Herb of the Year
1:42 3) Where is Parsley From?
2:07 4) Parsley Leaves Compounds are Similar to Celery
3:02 5) Popularity as a Fresh Herb
3:45 6) Traditional Use of Parsley for Kidney Support
4:24 7) Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Attributes
5:01 8) Parsley Leaves Digestive and Cleansing Actions
5:38 9) Parsley Leaves are a Non-Cruciferous Vegetable
6:12 10) Nutritional Value of Parsley Leaves
7:03 11) Parsley's Use as a Breath Freshener

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