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11/14/2022 -- SEISMIC ALERT -- Large Deep M6.4(M6.1) Earthquake below Japan -- World wide unrest due

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 14 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

Things have now gone from serious, to excessive when it comes to deep large earthquake activity. Setting the stage for extremely large activity, as well as multiple "noteworthy" earthquakes which are already taking place.

After the deep M7.0's and others, as well as the shallow M7.3 and others... so many striking now that it is becoming a burden to make a video about each set .....

We are on the cusp of activity which I think should be a full step up from where we already are --- since we already are at M7.3.... these next few days and week should be busy.

Please don't be scared... be prepared.

For the people in Japan, unfortunately it looks like its going to be rough sailing into potential M7+ activity, and for Indonesia, I sure hope I'm wrong, but it looks like the large quakes should focus there .

New Zealand needs to watch out now as well just to the North of the North Island for additional very large earthquake activity.

South America also due for the same size as NZ.. M6.9

West Coast USA, Alaska, and Hawaii... all due for M5+ and possible M6 by the weeks end in California (Southern California).

* DISCLAIMER ** All earthquake forecasts by Dutchsinse (Michael Yuri Janitch) are intended for informational purposes only, the theories, ideas, and information shown are presented for educational consideration by interested viewers only. All views expressed solely belong to the video maker, and are not intended for the public to act upon. All warnings, watches, and advisories are intended for viewer consideration only. **

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