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Marjorie Taylor Greene after Trump indictment: 'At least 2 more' unclassified Biden docs
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10Jan23 Biden to Ban Gas Ovens/Ranges, California Bans Trucks pre-2010

David Knight
David Knight - 368 Views
Published on 10 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

OUTLINE of today's show with TIMECODES

More young, fit athletes die. As basketball player goes down, why is it that the players are crying? 2:49

A look back at 1986 when the nation was startled that a basketball died of a heart attack and it triggered an investigation 7:41

More student athletes die, ages 16 & 18 11:36

Biden Moves to Ban Gas Ovens and Ranges. Consumer bureaucrats claim they have emissions that increase childhood asthma like 2nd hand smoke. Prove it. And show your authority under the Constitution. 18:59

California is going to ban all trucks with 2009 and older engines. 28:30

UK study by Cambridge University shows that installing insulation only saves money for 1 or 2 years. After that savings disappear! Why? 35:21

Finns hoarding torches, heat pumps, solar panels and firewood. 39:00

Why don’t media care about the terrorist attack on a Las Vegas power plant? 44:51

Warnings of genocide against Christian Armenians 54:30

Swiss central bank has had a MASSIVE loss — equivalent to 1/5 of the nations GDP (Gross Domestic Product) 58:29

NPR’s “anti-gay” op-ed about “genderqueer” is a lie. 1:02:02

George Santos — the lies keep getting deeper and now include campaign financing as he gets his first official ethics complaint. 1:05:40

California’s new digital license plate system - HACKED. What could possibly go wrong? 1:14:07

"Our Man in Ukraine", Zelensky, has nationalized the press, nationalized the church (and banned the original church), and banned opposition political parties while throwing his opponents in jail. 1:24:41

National Science Foundation gets $500,000 grant to "correct false beliefs online" by measured repetitions of what they want you to believe. 1:27:58

What's is DARPA spending money on (that they don't mind you knowing about)? 1:32:12

Government'a new euphemism for "constant surveillance": "Maintain Custody" 1:38:46

Why the US is enlisting a spy agency during hurricanes? To introduce Geospatial Intelligence as a "good" thing 1:42:15

Trump's FDA director Scott Gottlieb exposed in Twitter Files #13 1:59:38

David’s guest, Dr. Eric Napute, - In a landmark test of free speech and medical freedom, the federal government is suing Dr. Nepute for $500 Billion for giving patients Vitamin D, Zinc and other natural supplements. They figured he'd roll over but he's fighting. This case can establish important precedents against medical tyranny while Congress sleeps. 2:05:42

Davos Says Coming Soon: mRNA "Cancer Vaccine". On a "fast track" by the usual suspects using "Precedent" Trump's new rules 2:38:59

Forbes: "Vaccines are often described as cancer vaccines because they work by training the patient’s immune system." That's the way vaccines were always defined until the TrumpShots 2:45:34

The pharmaceutical industry’s push for “radical” treatment of obese children — drugs and surgery 2:55:37

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A Nomad of Deseret
A Nomad of Deseret 5 months ago

I've never hunted lions, I prefer to hunt the California Snipe. I've never caught one but one day I'm sure I will.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene after Trump indictment: 'At least 2 more' unclassified Biden docs
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