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1-20-23 NOTHING Positive ABOUT Being FAT.mp4

The APfnS Show
The APfnS Show - 341 Views
Published on 21 Jan 2023 / In News and Politics

Trigger Warning! NOTHING Positive about fat. BTW the article I SAW ON MY PHONE WAS FAR worse than this lady! shes barely fat!

UPDATE... SORRY about THe graphic, Id have to redo the VIDEO. That was a quick search grab & im partially blind [from my diabetes] I DID replace my thumb. The lady MARKED on the video just had a BABY! not what im talking about! LIZZO is!

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gonana3 8 months ago

That's beyond gross get a gym membership and for God sake put the fork down. Cover that disgusting thing up quick

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Gloria Oaklyn
Gloria Oaklyn 8 months ago

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pedopeter 8 months ago

Big fat jiggly beer gut ain't much better. Anyway... You'd most likely rather stick it in a pigs ass at a glory hole. Men are sick. Fuck you pigs. Fuck the fuck off

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