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07-10-2020 @apfns Plays some offline MK11 Aftermath with Webcam Classic Tower_x264.mp4

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Published on 10 Jul 2020 / In Gaming

offline gaming with MK11 Aaftermath

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 12 months ago

Teacher…, What is the Tactic of Stalling.?.?.? Oh you must be as considerate as me that this CRROW777 Radio Show about the LADY IN RED [The Lotus] has put her Social and her Birth Certificate together to take over THE FEDERAL RESERVE, and Trump and Pence and Q will all turn themselves into WE THE CITIZENRY for High Treason – Sedition – Treachery…, and having BETRAYED their OATH OF OFFICE to we the people cause they were following British Admiralty LAW…….., and not American Admiralty LAW??? Do you now think #QANON that just cause ACTOR Donald J. “Trippen Trump” The Chump signed: the {2020 NDAA} stating that HE had failed the UNITED STATES that HE would have “been arrested” on the SPOT along with The Congress, The Senate, The Supreme Courts along with all these FREE MASON (Zionist Jesuit) INTERNATIONALIST (COVID19) Globalist??? Too even “perceive” what EVIL SPIRITS can do in the minds of men and wombmen whom serve them willingly and DO NOTHING about “YOUNG TRANNY SEX” let alone all the other U.N. FLAGS Human Trafficking that continues to be shown when THE PRESIDENT of the [World Police] / * \ the U.S. Military PEACEKEEPING Force of the UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” [{**}] of all the CORPORATIONS in this FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere are conspiring with the POPE ON DOPE and The BANKING “Queen of Hades” and Hell, and The WHO WORLD OF THE DEAD where according to the U.S. Stock Exchange, our Birth Certificates makes all U.S. Citizens PROPERTY of the United Nations Stock Exchange!!! You do know the FREE MASON Zionist Jesuit do practice THE CRAFT that is too CRAFT a lie so “convincingly” +=+ and so conniving COLON-I-ZINGLY that DO YOU HEAR ANYONE talking about “how illegal” THE ACT OF 1871 is.?.?.?.? Do you hear anyone stating that (COVDI19) is a WORLD DOMINION PLOT by the FREE MASON in our homes, and on Our Personal Property OUR Flesh, and Blood, and Bones??? Do you hear NASA or China or Russia saying WE LIED ABOUT “Going to Space” [{*}] and Landing on that Holographic Moon in this place known as PURGATORY!!! Do not be swayed as easily by the wind and rain of this QANON TRUMP STORM too think anything other then TRUMP and PENCE and PUTIN and XI and Francis of the U.N. ROMAN MILITARY “EMPIRE” are going to turn themselves in, and say: Hey!!! These 5G TOWERS are Weapons too Burn You The People Alive!!! We know how the Racka think, and act, and pretend - pretend - pretend cause FREE MASON “Lodge Members’ /-\ LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! The Stock Market will crash on 07-17-2020 after the BANK HOLIDAY on a Friday Card of the Illuminati Deck “has already” been placed as Juneteenth!!! Trump went to the Highest mountain to Do a SUN RISE Worship of the Light of LUCIFER……., and even though The U.N. Military that the U.S. is one with all the other U.N. CORPORATIONS that have taken all our nonmason jobs, have killed and murdered WE THE PEOPLE when WAR IS MURDER….., and Murder is against the RULE OF LAW…..., and the ICC “was banned” from Restitution on U.S. Personnel as the WHO is not going to be abandoned by TRUMP and PENCE Qanon SPACE FORCE of Fake Space, they are just biding their Time so “Joe Biden” can Lose the Election on 11-03-2020 and the U.N. can drop them NUKES on Seattle Washington, and WE ALL become like the BLACK HAIR Brown Eyes “White People” of Hong Kong!!! The Book of EXODICE!!!

Dear; EMPEROR TRUMP my POTUS and my Berzerker, too “trick me” into giving you THE BLESSING of the God of Pak-Toe, so you Racka can continue to work as one with your SOLIDS that are Evil Spirits in the minds of men and wombmen [is a mistake] for I am only The Vessel that Christ Returned uses as the LAST HUMAN SOUL……., and what you miscalculate in the BOOK OF REVELATION is that I am not the Source of All Creation and All Destruction…..., I am just in agreements that on the REAL “Narrow Path” of Christ Jesus will get WE THE PEOPLE home when we die, and that is HONESTY!!! You Mr. Trump, are not telling the “World Community” that the U.N. MILITARY is largest body of TRAITORS, and PIRATES, and MURDERERS ever known to mankind, and there is no AMERICAN “Admiralty” LAW as that is just one more Ruse to make we People of Christ Jesus too Trust in the Prince of “Principalities” known as S.A.T.A.N. with our Souls, and Minds, and Hearts, and Symbiots, and if you SOLIDS will not STOP, then we wilt STOP YOU….

The Society of nonmason “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition…

The Southern Republic…

This place is PURGATORY, and you’m whom are The Cursed, The Dammed, and The Forsaken shall never leave here, you will {repeat your lives} for all time, and the SOLIDS will never leave either for they have betrayed all MANKIND “be we” Male and Female with the Cataclysm of the MUD FLOODS in the Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 to 1854 that Dammed “this place” to be a SIMULATION Celestial Sphere, and A place of Reflection, but then again, you NON REFLECTIVES are still among WE THE PEOPLE.?.?.?, and “we are” all still all have De-Ja-Vu, so this place is not our HOME, but it is The Home of The Racka!!!

To END your madness…., you TELL THE TRUTH..., and to this “very hour” ALL I HEAR by the GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED {NEWS} World Order of these U.N. FLAGS is lies lies lies…, So keep killing these People with EVIL SPIRITS “in their minds” in SECRET and do not Protest or Riot QANON!!!

To FLATTEN THE CURVE, you first must STOP Lying...

Q+ The Pen`

The Commander~


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