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06-28-2020 Se6 Ep100 JCBW SOUTHERN TORPEDO

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Published on 28 Jun 2020 / In Gaming

Episode 100!

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

As the world has been on LOCK DOWN and [House Arrest] /_\ in this FLAT EARTH Celestial Sphere Home World of Purgatory my nonmason Rag Tag Rebellion of #QANON……., the UNITED NATIONS FLAGS have been doing their {WEST POINT} / * \ War Games to learn how to kill we their FELLOW tax paying employers THE CITIZENS of our FLAGS when we NONMASON refuse to get these Tainted Vaccines…..., Wear the Muzzle SLAVE MASK….., and WE ARE “know” /-\ that the FREE MASON are JADE HELM 15 no matter what FLAG flies in your States, Countries, or Nations, so just know [Richie From Boston] +=+ was Correct that PROJECT BLUE BEAM goes on just as ODDTV shows you The Racka WORLD DOMINATION PLOT of (COVID19) as we of Pak-Toe The Society of nonmason “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition are all going to have to [deal with] [{**}] when these U.N. Military Cucks – Slags – Pukes with their Backwards WEST POINT “U.S. FLAGS” shoot at we` their NONMASON Citizenry “of these” 50 STATES FOR AMERICA….

Continue to kill and murder these (U.N. FLAGS) [{*}] TROOPS in Secret as FREE MASON Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls are all Guilty of SEDITION – High Treason – Treachery…., and Traitors to their OATH OF OFFICE “to your” CITIZENS States Flags, and CONSTITUTIONS...


WAR IS MURDER, and Murder is against the RULE OF LAW, so I must hunt you down for Murder...


And let me tell you this FREE MASON Lodge Members, there are many more NONMASON “whom know” what you are doing REMOVING HISTORY [to cover up] +=+ The MUD FLOODS of Old, but we still have many many ways to TAKE YOU OUT for All {Your Treachery} and SEDITION!!!!!


The Southern Republic…


ALL BOOKS OF KNOWLEDGE can now be downloaded at mewe.com/i/johnnyexodice….

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