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'No Place To Hide' The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism (1982) G Ed Griffin Documentary

Gee Gee Tee
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Published on 07 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

This important documentary about the strategies and tactics of terrorism represents an eerie reminder of the plot to use terrorism as just one of the methods deployed in the total war that is being waged against the West, particularly the U.S., by those seeking to usher in global communism. Many of those helping wage this war are American citizens who were prominent in the "counter-cultural movement" and who heralded the 1960s as the dawning of the "Age of Aquarius."

This film is loaded with truth, so it is truthful propaganda geared toward informing the electorate of the dangers it faces concerning radical leftism. Had we heeded the warning, perhaps some of the same terrorists mentioned in this video would not be in charge of our government and institutions today, engaging in further terrorism and murder to maintain what took them years to accomplish, the takeover of America.

It serves as a reminder that we did not heed the warnings and were too preoccupied with sitcoms, materialism, and an illusory vision of the American dream to face the realities and dangers posed by those on the outside, namely the KGB, which was funding terrorism to accomplish the toppling of many governments. It also demonstrates how this strategy included the recruitment of radical elements here at home, namely student groups who were also being fed mind altering substances in an effort to quell dissent, and disaffected African-Americans who were being enticed by Marxist black liberation groups.

It is noteworthy and troubling that key figures in the student led Marxist movement to subvert the government would go on to become prominent members of academia and government institutions, and eventually back a candidate who is tied to both radical Marxism and Black Liberation Theology. More frightening is when one listens to Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground, talk about the plans that this terrorist group had for Americans after their people had succeeded in revolution, namely, the killing of 25 million Americans through the use of reeducation and prison camps. This is especially sobering when one puts it into context with current events.

With the fall of the Iron Curtain, many people assumed that the Soviet threat had ended. Isn't it interesting how the face of terrorism morphed into something else and was no longer seen as emanating from Russia, with strong Marxist-Leninist underpinnings? Instead, radical Islamists, and the acts of terror from such groups were used to cause a knee-jerk reaction that would culminate in a point where a war-weary public that was tired of being manipulated with terror color coding warnings for political purposes and watching a "compassionate conservative" like George W. Bush shred the Constitution and our national economy would elect a man whose political career was launched from the house of one of the leaders of the Weather Underground. This dangerous man has succeeded in fundamentally transforming our nation in such a way that it is displaying outright fascistic tendencies, while he has built up an internal army to wage war against the American people, in the event that one of their destabilization efforts succeeds.

The shredding of the Constitution was only accelerated by Obama who was elected on a platform of "hope and change" and who has continued and expanded police state policies and the concept of a unitary executive, and who is now primed to oversee the breakdown of the rule of law in the United States, which he has done everything in his power to foster, providing a convenient excuse to clean up the remnants of any counter-revolutionaries who have not already been silenced by the war against individuals he has been waging in violation of the United States Constitution.

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 2 years ago

Nice to see that Nick Offerman (Larry Grathwohl) turned his focus from terrorism to comedic acting.

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