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'Happiness For All Is Happiness For Each' - Tony Byker

Gee Gee Tee
Gee Gee Tee - 139 Views
Published on 22 Jan 2023 / In Music

From the album ‘Eat Bugs And Save The World’
Streaming, download or physical CD available at Bandcamp

Happiness for all is happiness for each
Anything less in this Brave New World is out of reach
Take your Soma in a coma relinquish philosophy
We demand the right to be unhappy

Ectogenesis. The Brave New World of factory produced humans, bred especially for their allocated position in society. Natural reproduction will not permitted, through sterilisation, birth control and social indoctrination. Maybe there will be reservations of ‘savages’ or small communities of intelligent unvaxxed and unchipped humans living outside the Smart Cities that still give birth. Common folk will never be allowed to reproduce. The elites don’t like natural child birth anyway, as they strive to be God and produce and take life at their own whim. Their desire for a race of androgines, hence this transpocalypse push for the destruction of the sexes and the family unit.
The ‘perfect’ world where everyone is ‘happy’. The thing that makes us truly human is our ability to be unhappy.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

The Homo capensis plan is to instruct Freemasonry to twist the genetics of Homo sapiens into extinction.
Pull the plug by turning off their Mystery School Cult brainchip hivemind army... they need the microwaves to power-up all the IOT and the brainchips. No microwaves then the NWO reverts back to the Old World Order.

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