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ÜBERPOWERED MINI EBIKE - 60- kmh on 25kg

JamesRoss - 449 Views
Published on 28 Apr 2022 / In Cars and Vehicles


Visit webpage to find datasheets and useful stuff:

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arnynymous 2 months ago

In Bavaria today we had a biker who ran over the curb in a roundabout and died from it.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago

Yes, not everyone trust skydiving either, but I don't frown on people who like it. Read a seth book and realize that that dead biker is just as multi-dimensional as I am typing this... and the Freemasons have failed to assassinate my for 16 years... you see, I live on here until I am old and gray and wrinkled. This is one of the secrets of physical reality that the Creator-God gives everyone... a full life within the multiverse even though the young biker left your personal probable-world. Your challenge here by being the center of your "universe" is to put in your efforts to correct what you seeing destroying it... like exposing the genocidal Freemason Cult and their rebuilt Tower-Of-Babel Http://

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