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Лесные пожары прорвались к окраинам Гагры! @Абхазия.mp4

killer boi
killer boi - 449 Views
Published on 11 Jan 2021 / In Film and Animation

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago

A Kingdom Built on lies…

It has taken quite a milestone to entreat the FLAT EARTH community that we live in a Bubble known as a Celestial Sphere cause so many wanted the Bible that has been changed OVER and Over and over for each MUD FLOOD Reset too keep WE THE PEOPLE in a State of Disrepair… However, we finally came to the “Conclusion” that if there is a Northern Hemisphere: in our As Above / So Below Waking Walking DREAM Reality, then there has to be a Southern Hemisphere beyond the D.U.M.B.S. of our Inner earth, and that the People and nonhumans aka The DRONE Narcissist whom fake {Emotions and Feelings} that you’m would NOT have to do UNLESS [you’m are] the Machine People from the other side of FLAT EARTH, and at this time: all things are in disarray as not one U.N. FLAG World Leaders keeps their Oath to their NATIONS OATH OF OFFICE!!! Such Treachery and Sedition {such as this} would have been dealt A Swift Justice in the PRE MUD FLOOD WORLD, but in this POST MUD FLOOD Reality “nothing” happens too them whom BREAK THEIR OATH OF OFFICE…

Now the EDISON A.I. Machine of Forced Slave Labor known as The word EMPLOYEE proves the U.N. Troops are all working as one, and from MADE IN CHINA that Red Dragon, and her Dead Merchant Ships in the Book of Revelation to the {Russian Government} whom are the TRUE oppressors in the MIDDLE EAST under the “Cover” of the World Police known as The UNITED STATES U.N. Peacekeepers, we the nonmason had no clue the Iniquity, and perdition of every FREE MASON Lodge Member as [they protect] their OUT POST from the other side of this world known as the Southern Hemisphere… Through THE RAPTURE of Code + Magic + Alchemy = SORCERY the many on this side of FLAT EARTH in the Northern Hemisphere of our {Shared Celestial Sphere} have all been turned into CONSUMERS where the people “must” have the Latest Fashions of these Hollywood to Bollywood SLAVES making us buy: their Jewelry – Cosmetics – Makeup, and so much more in their Enchantments, Charms, and Hexes called ENTERTAINMENT!!!

However, no matter how much Money and Power and “Fame” we give to our GOVERNMENTS – RELIGIONS – CHARITIES, we the people remain poor, and without food, drink, shelter, or jobs!!! For no matter what Country City Town you’m live in, there is [always] a QANON FREE MASON Lodge in that location that COMMANDS and CONTROLS the Police, the Courts, The Schools of Thoughts, and of course: all these Masonic Religions from {Islam to Judaism} to Christian to Hindu, Buddhism, Satanist!!! Contrary to POPULAR Belief even our Political “Parties” and Military Organizations are just more RELIGIONS of WAR, and HATE, and Murder where in the Book of Timothy these MASONS [Murder] Their Own Mothers and Fathers too steal their positions of Power in their Pyramid Schemes lifestyles, and as we the Northern Hemisphere HUMANS aka nonmason have all been “replaced” by nonhumans aka FREE MASON Lodge Members whom wear our same Flesh, and Blood, and Bones with their BLACK DOT EYES……., no one cares “anymore” in the New Year of the OX as {Crypto Digits} replace ALL These ink on paper dollars…

Knowing PURGATORY is Hell and Hades and THE WORLD OF THE DEAD, it makes more sense now why the O.T.O. Kabbalah Zohar [FAKE JEWS] of Zionist Chaldean “Jesuits” run this world called SATAN that is nothing more then a Virtual Reality Holographix {WORLD MACHINE} where you and I sleep and slumber our lives away from 1955 to 2021… Yet, when everyone lies on TV and in the Magazines too all these U-Tube Fools, and Faggots, and FLAKES websites and web-pages, it is a fascinating journey [too watch] how the MANY became The Damned, The Cursed, and The Forsaken cause they chose not to take the {NARROW PATH} of Christ Jesus 1.0 that is HONESY on all matters, and when they die in WAR IS MURDER, and Sterilization by the Products they do so “Worship” and Wash their bodies……., I will not cry nor morn for what the FREE MASON Lodge Members did to this world, for it was “always” Their Home, and not the Kingdom of Christ Jesus RETURNED… Blend in when you must my {People and Children} of Pak-Toe and watch with much INTROSPECTION and Observation of what “The Racka” aka these MASON have done to themselves, as we leave Purgatory whence we die cause “we know” how to live 1st Corinthians 13 – Mathew 28 – John 13:34

Johnny Exodice

You see my nonmason Tax Paying U.N. Citizens “Populations” these FAKE JEWS the Masons run all things here in THE WORLD OF THE DEAD, and WE THE PEOPLE are the Real Jews whom follow the BLOOD LINE of the only {REAL JEW} known as Christ Jesus Returned: The Jew whom did not know he was a Jew, but we Follow [the insights] of the 10 COMMANDMENTS while the People of ISRAEL Break even their own Laws “too murder” WE ARE the REAL Jews known as The Palestinians…

The Society of nonmason~

Just a Side Note for my students doing EUGENICS Research, the above video mentions a Golden Hair aka BLOND Human in China in the old PRE MUD FLOOD World where Blue Eyes once were the Dominant EYE Color then degraded to Green and then Brown… However, these BLACK DOT EYES are not part of our Human Genealogy, and just cause you have Brown Eyes it does not make you less able to learn BIG WORDS and Use them When you Speak!!!

The Sentinel...

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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