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Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology discusses the Spike Protein | Interview
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Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology discusses the Spike Protein.

Dr. Erin Stair discusses with Dr. Robert Malone about the COVID-19 Spike Protein vs the Spike Protein produced by the COVID-19 Vaccines and more.

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There Are No Viruses Or Spike Proteins. There Are Only Bioweapons.
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The Spike Protein# JoeImbriano
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(That's Joe's opinion about The Spike Protein)
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Spike Proteins In Immune Cells -Long Haul?? Sooo engineered...
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Spike Proteins In Immune Cells - Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul

Dr. Bruce Patterson’s team has discovered that the S1 pieces of the spike proteins persist in the monocytes resulting in immune dysregulation and long-haul syndrome. Let’s discuss these findings with him.

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Visual Display of How the spike protein from the vax affects cells
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A good visual on what happens if/when you get the covid vaccine. Covers what the spike protein does in your body, how it circulates around, sticks out, causes clotting issues with platelets closing off damaged arteries. Explains the D-Dimer test. Sharing this for a friend who asked me to share it. I thought it was pretty good.


The spike protein, mRNA and the different brands
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Important information on why you should stay away from the shots.

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HEALTH CARE COLLAPSE warning: Vaccine spike protein will unleash widespread neurological damage that overwhelms world’s medical systems
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MUST SEE: Dr. Fleming Warns COVID-19 is an Engineered Bioweapon Colonizing the Body with Spike Protein
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Dr. Richard M Fleming of joins guest host Mike Adams of to break down how COVID-19 is a spike protein bioweapon.

Spike Protein Depopulation Patents Since 2002! MIRRORED
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Mirrored from:

Dr. David Martin gives a deposition to Reiner Fuellmich after combing thousands of patents since the early 2000's for the SarsCov spike protein injections. Names all of the companies, Universities and major players involved, DARPA and government connections, etc.

You cannot patent something that is found in nature, so they created In-sillico make-believe computer generated genome sequences that they claim are Coronaviruses, Patent those sequences, since they are man made, not natural, which allows them to patent the PCR test sequence to detect their made up sequence, which allows them to patent the jab, which their synthetic lab made proteins to "treat" the make believe patented Coronavirus detected by the patented test to detect the make believe virus, and then they poison you.

The "outbreaks" are just PCR test fraud looking for made up patented sequences using the name Coronavirus, SARS, etc. They only exist on paper for patent reasons, the real bioweapon is in the jab, not an actual virus going around the public.

Texas House Speaker Signs Arrest Warrants, Tina Peters at Lindell Symposium, C-19 Spike Protein Patent, Miami Building Evacuated
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I cover Tina Peters speaking at the Mike Lindell Symposium. Peters is the County Clerk for Mesa County Colorado. While travelling to the symposium the Secretary of State's office raided her office. Texas House Speaker signs arrest warrants for 52 missing Democrats. Psyche 16, an asteroid that could make every earthling a billionaire. Will it be mined? Upstate NY drug bust, 8 men from Oswego implicated. The group was selling fentanyl, heroin and cocaine in upstate New York. CIA head to visit Israel. Clint Eastwood endorses Larry Elder in California recall election. Wisconsin Gov. vetoes Republican election reform bill. American Delta and Southwest will not require employees to get vaccinated for covid 19. Swiss Police will not enforce Covid 19 rules. Governor Andrew Cuomo resigns in disgrace. Rand Paul's Youtube taken down. More news.


Dr Byram Bridle We made a big mistake – the spike protein is a dangerous toxin
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Three corrections to what he says:

1. This was not a mistake! This was planned for decades to do and be
exactly what it’s doing as part of the depopulation agenda.

2. ANY doctor that is pro-vaccine is simply going along with what they
learned in medical school (Rockefeler Medicine) and almost certainly has
never bothered to listen to the opposing points of view and look at
they're supporting data up against vaccines.

3. Viruses as they tell us are a hoax. They are an intrinsic part of our
immune systems and are not contagious nor are they harmful. Viruses were
a scam created in the late 19th century by the Rockefeller family to make
money. They also created allopathic medicine and still fund it to this
day by funding medical universities and big pharma.
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